About the ICBA

The Incline Community Business Association will:

  • Promote:Businesses and commerce through cooperative advertising, events, and directories. ICBA will organize and participate in community wide events that enrich our sense of community while driving and enhancing local business.Our first product launched in July 2009 was a Restaurant, Retail and Recreation Map. More than 3,000 copies have been distributed from July to October 09. We anticipate other member business directories based on the membership: Possible directories may include: Home Service and Maintenance—everything from pet-sitting to plumbing; Legal and Financial Services; Health, Beauty and Fitness.
  • Advocate: Lack of advocacy for Nevada-based business districts has created a serious void. We intend to create a strong “voice” for local business interests with NLTRA., NLTCC., VCB, IVGID., WCSD., Washoe County; and other appropriate agencies. Collaborating and voicing our needs and enlisting the support of these agencies will benefit our community businesses.
  • Communicate and Collaborate: By carefully and strategically communicating and collaborating business activities and local events via web presence and other communication tools we will strengthen local business. We intend to build strong relationships with locals and increase business-to-business leverage, communication and collaboration.
  • Thrive: The ICBA as a platform for Promotion, Advocacy and Communication will create a thriving and sustainable business districts and community.
  • Businesses are the driving force behind our economy. They create jobs that allow people to live in our community, support neighborhoods, our schools, and give us a sense of community. A thriving, sustainable business climate attracts new residents, encourages home-owners to spend more time and money in Incline, and improves the quality of life for locals.
  • Become a member today. Together we have a PACT: Promote, Advocate, Communicate and Thrive.
  • Join today, help your business and community prosper and thrive.