Why Choose an Independent Agent?

Why choose an independent agent?

In these confusing and challenging economic times, consumers are inundated with such a wide variety of insurance choices that the confusion can be overwhelming. Between getting advice from a woman in white with red lipstick, a reptile from Australia, or a beat up looking guy hanging from the side of a crashing car, the options seem endless.

Under the publicity radar is the independent agent, who doesn’t always have the creative advertising budget that the captive agents have, but can offer more options and provide the expertise to customize a package to meet the every consumer’s needs.

Though maybe not as clever as a talking duck, an independent insurance agent has the following advantages to help with your insurance needs:

Independents are contracted with numerous “A” rated agencies who offer the best coverages at competitive prices. Since these companies have their niche markets, your agent can find the best policy package for you

Since most people don’t like, or have the knowledge to quote on-line with all the options, let your independent agent do the work. Independent agents have systems, and the experience to rate quotes with the different carriers depending on your specific details

Are you covered sufficiently?
The “name your price” promises that some agencies advertise may only be promising to provide less than adequate coverage for the bottom dollar. An independent agent is your advisor, and will determine the proper protection for you and your family.

Different insurance companies provide different incentives based on age, claim history, multi-policy discounts and type of risk. Your agent can put together the package to provide the ultimate in discounts.

Industry trends
Most consumers have more of a life than to be interested in keeping on top of industry trends and changes. Your agent can utilize the ever changing insurance market to make sure you are getting the best value year after year.

So, the next time you receive your insurance renewal in the mail, take a few moments to contact Menath Insurance at 775-831-3132 or by email at pandrew@menath.com, or drop by our Incline Village office at 333 Village Blvd., #203 for an evaluation of your coverage. You may be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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